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Kim Rooney is a licensed landscape architect with over 25 years of professional experience in the industry.

Kim began gardening with her mother, (well known local artist Norie Rooney), as a little girl. Her first garden design was installed at the age of 7 at her childood home located behind the LeRoy Oaks Preserve in St. Charles, Illinois.


This first garden consisted of a woodland garden path to her best friends and whatever flowers she could find in the woods.   Kim spent much of childhood playing in the forest preserve discovering natives at an early age she found anything blooming and brought it home to ask "Mom, what is this one?"  Trillium, May Apple, Ferns, phlox, Jack in the Pulpit, wild iris....

At St. Charles High school her passion for nature continued as she volunteered with her biology class working on Horlock's Prairie restoration.

beautiful private garden design continues.


She studied landscape architecture at Clemson University under Lolly Tai and was part of the first graduating class that established accreditation at Clemson in 1994. 

Kim has worked in just about every sector of the industry from woodland and priarie restoration to resort design to olympic venue design, to parks and playgrounds, roof top and ofcourse private gardens.


Kim has been part of award winning design teams for projects including the 2010 Olymppic Bid book,  down town redevelopment projects and high end private garden design.

After 20 plus years of experience designing hundreds of projects in multiple sectors of the industry,  she now has a small studio space in the Magnolia neighbothood of Seattle where creating beautiful private garden design continues to be her life long passion.

We are:

  • well-grounded in theory and practice.

  • passionate about creating innovative, artistic and practical design solutions.

  • caring about our clients’ needs and the environment.

  • dedicated to quality and sustainability.

  • collaborative with artisans, craftsman, contractors

  • committed to providing  excellence in landscape architecture

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