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1. Consultation:

Our working relationship begins with a one hour design consultation service. This is a highly productive and insightful hour in which real solutions, ideas and suggestions are offered for your project.

2. Conceptual Design

The goal of this phase is to conceive an inspired “big picture” vision for your project of putting ideas on paper.

3. Development and Documentation

Ideas are developed and construction methods and materials are put on paper for the bidding and consturcion of your garden. This is where we utilize our expertise to design, collaborate and communicate with you, contractors and craftsman. During this phase we specify materials, establish design styles, engineer innovative solutions and procure precise construction costs.





4. Construction Observation

The forth phase in the process is the realization of the vision in drawing format into full scale life. The contractors’ design and construction questions are discussed and answered. Minute refinement of the design is made as you find us in our work boots directing and working along side the contractors. Our goal in this phase is to ensure original design intentions are met and the highest functional, aesthetic and economic value to your project is attained.

5. Enjoyment

In the final stage, you take over the discovery, enjoyment and maintenance of the landscape created for you. It is yours to enjoy and share with your friends and family through the seasons and years to come. We encourage you to contact us to share your thoughts or ask questions about your landscape grows.

At Kim Rooney Inc. we take great care at each stage of the design process to bring to life our clients landscape goals with exceptionally beautiful design. We hope you find working with us interesting, fun and rewarding.

How we work

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