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Spanish Style Private Garden

located in the prestigous Broadmoor  neighborhood of Seattle.


Three aspects strongly influenced the design of this truly special home: 1. the architectural style, 2. the need for functional spaces for the family, and 3. the importance of  neighborhood context. The resulting highly functional design solution showcases an elegant landscape that is married to architecture and is sensitive to the neighborhood association design guidelines.


Attention to detail, thoughtful material selections and consideration of how children play and move from inside to outside were key factors in the design process.


A strong connection to the rolling greens of the adjacent golf course is obvious through the simple yet effective maximization of both the front and back lawn areas.  The use of wrought iron scrolling can be seen in the front gate design and metal details on the fireplace.

Flowering jasmine, gardenia, and daphne loft fragrance into the air. The Hicks Yew hedge in the front brings privacy, formality and enclosure to the front yard. The stepping stone front walk is sweetly veiled by the beauty of the wrought iron gated entry.

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