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Landscape Consultation Services

Do you need help being “green”?

Do you need some design direction and assistance on how to better utilize your yard and make it more sustainable?

Are you overwhelmed with your landscape and need mentorship? Kim Rooney will visit your garden for a sustainable landscape consultation and mentorship.

Consultations are perfect for the home owner who does not want a full landscape plan but wants help, guidance or ideas.


Whether you plan to do the work yourself or hire Kim at a later date for a full design service or if you plan to go to a professional landscape contractor to do gardening for you, Kim Rooney can help you  determine how you can create a healthier landscape that is more sustainable, functional, and beautiful.

During a scheduled appointment, Kim Rooney will walk with you through your garden, answer questions, make recommendations and discuss possible solutions for your project

Each consultation is specific to the architecture, the natural environment and site conditions, and to the needs of the home owner. A consultation may address but is not limited to the following:

  • Recommendations on where to site garden elements, e.g.compost bins, vegetable gardens and water catchment features, shade trees

  • Suggestions on how to incorporate edibles and native plants into your existing landscape

  • Removal and Pruning guidance

  • Ideas about attracting wildlife to your landscape

  • Miscellaneous tips on sustainable gardening practices and methods to conserve resources

  • Discussion on how to keep a functional deck and patio entertainment areas while reducing your impervious materials and carbon footprint.

  • Discussions on rain garden integration

  • Discussion on LED lighting


A walk through consultation costs $200 and includes a one hour site visit in which you are welcome to take notes.  For $500 KRLA will provide a one hour site visit and follow it with a written summary report including plant lists, resources for supplies, and recommendations on ways to continue to garden sustainably.

Each additional hour is $95.


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